5 Tips To Ace A Job Interview

“If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay cool!” - Kane Areo.

An interview has been one of the most important parts of a job recruitment process because, through this stage, recruiters can judge if a candidate’s personality, characteristics, and professionalism meet the company’s requirements. For a lot of people who are going through a recruitment process, the interview stage has become the toughest and the most daunting stage. It is not surprising because most job seekers fail the recruitment process at this stage.

This is why you need to prepare yourself well before facing an interview session to avoid making mistakes and performing poorly. The tips below will help you with the preparation.


1. Research The Company Before The Interview

One of the most popular reasons of candidates’ failure at the interview stage is their lack of information about the company background. Remember that when you are applying for a job at a company, first, you need to know every basic thing about the company. You can, for example, access the company digital assets (website and social media) and find out their vision and mission, work environment, culture, directions, and even the projects they are currently involved in.

The more you know about the company, the more you understand whether the company offers you the right position based on your skills or not. Moreover, based on the information you get, you will be able to anticipate the interview questions and prepare your answers.

2. Wear The Right Outfit to The Interview

One thing that is also essential is your outfit during the interview because the first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. Moreover, it shows how serious and considerate you treat the whole recruitment process. Always make sure that the outfit you wear suits the company culture and the position you are applying for.

If you are not sure, you may opt to be on the safe side by wearing business attire in neutral colors. Show the recruiters that you are thoughtful, confident, and committed through your outfit.

3. Be On Time

Always make a good first impression, as this might decide whether you are worth the job or not. Therefore, always be on time, or even better, 30 minutes before the interview starts.

Coming early does not only help you make a good impression. It also gives you some time to prepare yourself, adapt with the company premises, and reduce your nervousness. You can also observe the company culture in reality and decide if it really suits you.

4. Demonstrate Positive Attitude

Your attitude is another thing that matters during a job recruitment process, because it is a hint for recruiters of how you will handle you job once you are an employee.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do. Show respect by shaking recruiters’ hands before and after the interview. Maintain eye contact while answering questions during the interview. Also, use gestures that show your enthusiasm and how much you want the job.

5. Think Positively

Always keep positive thoughts during the whole recruitment process. Keeping good thoughts makes you relax and stay calm especially when discussing matters with your interviewers.

Also, avoid speaking ill of the companies you used to work for. Even though you are leaving the companies to get better and more convenient work experience, showing negative attitude will create a bad impression. By speaking ill of your previous companies, you are showing your recruiters that you might do the same thing to their company once you quit.


Those are 5 tips you can try to be successful in your interview stage and get the job you want. Good luck!


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